Creating a Keyboard Shortcut in Adobe InDesign
Tired of going to the menus to select the same action over and over again?  Having trouble memorizing some of InDesign’s complex keyboard shortcuts?  It’s very easy to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts!
Create an Adobe InDesign Keyboard Shortcut
From the main menu, select Edit -> Keyboard Shortcut
Click the New Set button to create a new set of keyboard shortcuts, based on the default set. (InDesign won’t let you overwrite the default set so it creates a copy of the defaults that you can modify.)
In the Product Area dropdown, select the area of InDesign where you find the function you are trying to create the shortcut for.  For instance, select Panel Menus if you are trying to change an option found in the Panels area.
Choose the specific command from the commands list.
Click in the New Shortcut text box and type the desired key combination that you’d like to associate with the action.  You need to use at least one modifier key (Ctl, Alt, Shift) plus a keyboard character key.  Note: be careful to check beneath the New Shortcut box to make sure that the shortcut is not already in use.
Click the Assign button, and OK to close the dialog.  Your keyboard shortcut is ready to use!

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