Corporate Training

Our computer training solutions have kept both small and large businesses ahead of the technology curve for over 20 years. We create unique IT training, desktop software, and professional development solutions that your team can access in-person or online.

Why Register for Corporate Training?

Modernize Your Workforce

Cutting-edge training programs for any and all organizational functions

Fortify your Frontline

Focused training programs for administrators and customer service associates

Scale your Business

Enhanced efficiency and productivity in everyday tasks

Tailored Training for Your Organization

Once we understand the scale and scope of your project, we’ll work with you to create the most effective course program and schedule. Whether you’re training 20 team members or 2,000, just book it and rest easy while we handle all the details! See below for some of our specific offerings that we can modify based on your needs.

Technology Group Training

Save time and money by training your group, large or small, in a closed, private skills development session. In a training room at your company’s site or at a Full Circle Computing location, your team will receive expert instruction and curriculum tailored to suit your company’s specific needs.

Group Training Benefits

  • Train on-site at your office, in our classrooms, or the location of your choice
  • Conduct training in a client’s version of software
  • Work with a dedicated training design specialist to select the perfect mix of content
  • Mix and match applications and training concepts from our comprehensive content library
  • Fully customized course materials or Quick References for each attendee
  • Delivered by our team of dedicated experts with real-world experience
  • Don’t have the equipment? Ask about our travelling laptop classrooms
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops

Unconscious Bias Training is offered by Full Circle Computing. This training will provide tools to help foster a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and embraces equity and inclusiveness.

Here are some additional sessions we offer for the prevention of race discrimination and consumer racial profiling for executives.

Module One: The Business Case for Diversity

Topics included in this module are: the ethno-racial composition of the U.S.; the size and growth of multicultural markets; differences in economic spending patterns of people of color as compared to Whites; changes in shopping behavior among different consumer groups.

Module Two: From Stereotyping to Differential Treatment

This module will explore the nature of prejudice and discrimination and provide insight into how a person’s unconscious attitudinal patterns (implicit bias) can manifest themselves in micro-aggressions and other behaviors towards customers of color.

Module Three: Consumer Racial Profiling and Shoplifting

Participants will be introduced to the phenomenon of consumer racial profiling, “shop and frisk,” and their connection to retailers’ efforts to deter theft in their stores. Arrest data will be presented from the FBI and Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Module Four: Illustrations from the Courtroom

People of color experience annoyance discrimination when they receive too much attention while shopping, and avoidance discrimination when paid too little notice when in need of assistance.

Module Five: Promoting Marketplace Diversity and Inclusion

In this module, we present several steps ranging from having committed leadership and diversifying the board of directors to effective training and eliminating structures (e.g. in hiring, firing, and promotion) that impede inclusion to monitoring, measuring, and reporting program results.

Leadership Training

Developing an Agile Mindset for the Competitive Business Landscape

Agile teams are viewed as the essential pathway to transforming a company to create nimble and flexible operations. Agile teams can be powerful, but results are possible only if the method is fully understood and implemented the right way. Join us for a dynamic training to dispel the myths surrounding agile operations and learn the process for leading the transition to a successful agile organization.

In this training, you will learn about agile and waterfall processes, gain knowledge about the ADKAR change management model, learn techniques on developing a creative and innovative mindset, and apply these processes in your work environment. At the end of the session, you will apply the techniques learned to develop a continuous quality improvement project to present to your organization.

Note: This training is designed for beginners who want to learn about agile methodology.

Growth Mindset for Increased Productivity and Career Success

Mindset is everything and it stems from our own set of powerful beliefs. Whether you’re talking about career success, working on a challenging project at work, or starting your own business having the right mindset can make the difference between success and failure. What we think about our talents and abilities influences every aspect of our lives and this is centered in the mindset we adopt. Join us for a dynamic training to learn about how you can adopt a growth mindset to increase your productivity and to enhance your career success.

In this training, you will learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, how mindsets can impact your decision making, and techniques on developing a growth mindset.

Customized Training

Customized training at Full Circle Computing offers targeted training solutions for any size business. Our Customized training offers in-depth, hands-on experiences that focus on your specific organization’s needs and interests.

The curriculum can be built with any of the computer software applications that we train on or your in-house priority applications. Sessions are designed according to your learning objectives and time table. We can conduct sessions at your facility, or in our facility. All custom courses come complete with in-depth training manuals, optional web-based help and downloaded sample files.

Transition Training / Version Move-up

If your company is upgrading to a newer version of a software application, we at Full Circle Computing are transition experts. We will train your team on-site, on-line or at the location of your choice. You can customize the content, select session lengths, and training format. We provide everything you need, trainer, materials and more!

Software Application Transition Training

  • Moving up to Microsoft 365?
  • Create your own highly-targeted sessions
  • Help end users regain efficiency and leverage exciting new features
  • Cost effective onsite or online formats
  • Full-day, half-day, or short sessions
  • Hands-on or Interactive Seminar delivery
Lunch & Learns

At Full Circle Computing, we appreciate that many companies would like to build IT training into their hectic business schedules, but often find it difficult to free up time during the cut and thrust of the working day. As a result, we created the “Lunch and Learn” format which allows staff members to receive short, intensive training literally during their lunch hour.

Our “Lunch and Learn” sessions are suitable for staff members with all levels of knowledge. The training is usually less formal and structured than normal, giving a more dynamic and interactive approach. Our “Lunch and Learn” sessions can be tailored to suit either a small group or large group!

Large Scale Rollouts

We are experienced in working alongside large corporations on major technology rollouts and complex development projects. Often businesses decide to update their technology system on a large scale across the company in order to ensure that the business is fit for purpose for many years to come. Full Circle Computing can manage such periods of transition by delivering and managing training while offering consultancy to meet the specific needs of your company.  Whether you are upgrading to a new version of Windows or Microsoft Office, or implementing SharePoint as your information management system, we can offer you the complete solution from start to finish.

Rolling out a new version of Microsoft Office to your entire team?You can build your own New Features day of training and have it delivered in our state-of-the-art classrooms or on-site at your location. Need Access and PowerPoint or Word and Outlook?  Not a problem. Our Office experts will help you create a custom session that’s the perfect fit!

Large Scale Rollouts

  • We’ve helped hundreds of clients manage large scale rollouts
  • Ask us how we can help you make your next major upgrade a complete success
  • Minimize end-user frustration and maximize your software investment
  • Standardize skill sets departmentally or organization-wide
  • Initial skills assessments, if applicable
  • Proprietary software product rollouts can include development of training materials
Executive Desk-Side Training

Desk Side Executive Support is a one-on-one custom private session for your management team. This solution targets critical skills while minimizing the time away from the desk.

Executive Desk Side / Key Player Support

  • Train busy executives or key players one-on-one
  • Fully customized content at cost-effective rates
  • Minimize time away from the desk, maximize training effectiveness
Trainer Walk-About Day

This solution places a Full Circle Computing expert level instructor on-site at your office providing desk-side support, tackling challenges and providing one-on-one solutions in real-time.

Trainer Walk-About Day

  • Support your team with a day of desk-side support
  • The perfect follow-on to onsite training
  • Allows users to apply learnings in direct context of their work
Private Training

We will identify your unique situation and personal learning style.  With this understanding, we will develop your custom tailored plan and then schedule a one-to-one training session to accelerate you along your own personal learning curve.  These training sessions can be delivered at your facility, at our facility, or remotely to fit into your busy schedule.  If you recognize that you are behind on computer software knowledge, need to improve your understanding and skills, and confidentiality is important, then this is the facilitation style for you.

Customized On-site Private Session Training

  • Train on-site at your office, in our classrooms, or the location of your choice
  • Conduct training in your version of software
  • Work with a dedicated training design specialist to select the perfect mix of content
  • Mix and match applications and training concepts from our comprehensive content library
  • Fully customized course materials or Quick References for each student
  • Delivered by our team of dedicated experts with real-world experience
  • Don’t have the equipment? Ask about our traveling laptop classrooms.
Our Learning Approaches
We offer in-person training at your location or ours, instructor-led online training, or self-paced online training. Regardless of the delivery method you choose, we make it easy. We handle logistics seamlessly from start to finish.