Crystal Report Charting Features
Charts are simple to create using Crystal Reports and usually, but not always, require at least one group to be defined.  In Crystal, you’ll be able to select from a variety of chart styles to visually present your organization’s information. Select from Bar (comparing like data), Pie (showing pieces of a whole), Line, Doughnut, 3D, Gantt, funnel, or histogram charts, plus many more choices.
Use the Chart Expert and the Chart Options dialog box to create professional looking charts. You’ll be able to set options for gridlines, axes, data labels, legend, titles and chart colors.
Within Crystal, if you’ve created summary calculations within your report, you’ll even be able to “drill-down” on a specific piece of a pie or any bar, etc., to see the details of that data in the chart.  It’s an awesome feature of this powerful reporting tool!
Want to use your great-looking Crystal charts in Word documents or PowerPoint presentations?  Just Right Click and Copy, then Paste the Crystal-prepared chart into your Microsoft files — the chart will paste as a picture.

Learn more about the charting capability within Crystal Reports at a Full Circle 2-day Crystal Introduction Class.

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