Highlighting Data in Crystal Reports
Did you ever want to make certain information in your reports stand out?  The Highlighting Expert feature in Crystal Reports can help you.  For instance, if you are trying to indicate negative numbers or numbers that are under or over a set threshold.
Here’s an example…
In the case where you need to highlight inventory that is under 10 items:
  • First select the field by clicking on it once.
  • Select “Highlighting Expert” from the Format menu.
  • The Highlighting Expert dialog box will appear — you will then be able to set options for when and how the highlighting will occur.
  • Select New under the Item list section.
  • In the Item editor section to the right, fill in the “Value of:” drop-downs as “this field”; “is less than”; “10”.
  • You could then set the Font color to red and the Background to yellow when the inventory object is below 10.

Using the Highlighting Expert feature is a great way to call attention to key data.  Learn more about Crystal Reports in a valuable course at Full Circle Computing!


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