Creating a Custom Report in MS Project
You can create custom reports by creating a new report or by copying an existing report and modifying it. Custom reports reflect only the information you need. When you create a custom report, you work in the Reports dialog box, which has three tabbed pages. On the Definition page, you type a name for the report, select the time period to include, and select the table and filter to apply. You can select a predefined table or filter, or use a custom one you created. This page also includes options to highlight the items that meet the filter criteria, print gray bands between tasks or resources, and include summary tasks. On the Details page, you can select the task, resource, or assignment details you want to include in the report, as well as how you want them to appear. The options available on this page vary depending on the type of report. On the Sort page, you can choose the field(s) by which you want to sort the report information and the sort direction.
1.     Click the Report Menu (the View Menu in Project 2003 and earlier).
2.     Click Reports…
3.     Double-click the Custom category.
4.     Select the report you want to copy in the Reports list box.
5.     Select Copy.
6.     Select the text in the Name box.
7.     Enter the name of your new custom report.
8.     Click Period and select the desired time period.
9.     Continue to select options on the Definition page as desired.
10.  Select the Details tab and set the desired options.
11.  Click OK and select Preview to view the report.

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