Here’s a few of our favorite Excel tips…

Learn some new tricks in Microsoft Excel!

To summarize your Excel data without using formulas:

  1. Sort the data by what you would like to subtotal
  2. Go to the Data tab
  3. On the right of the ribbon, click Subtotal in the Outline group.
    • Choose the field you’d like to subtotal by (the Sorted Column)
    • Select the Function that you would like to use
    • Select the Column in which you would like to add/average, etc.
    • Click OK

To print gridlines vs. applying borders to the whole sheet:
  1. Go to the Page Layout tab
  2. In the Sheet Options group, select Print in the Gridlines section

Need to change the arrangement of your data from a vertical to a horizontal layout or vice-versa?
Try using the Transpose feature when you paste.
  1. Select the data to be copied
  2. Press Ctl+C or Copy using any method you prefer
  3. Click on the first cell of the range where you want to display the data
  4. Choose the bottom half of the Paste button on the Home tab

Choose Transpose from the options displayed.

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