Setting Default Values for Fields in Microsoft Access

Looking for another great time saver? Make the data entry job just a little bit easier!

You can set a default value for a field — that value will automatically appear in the field for all new records. You can still modify the default field value as needed when entering a new record.
For example, if a table stores the names and addresses of clients and most of the clients have addresses in Pennsylvania, you can set the default value of the State field to PA. If you then enter a new record for a client in Delaware, you can change the value in the State field just for that individual record. Setting a default value for an established table does not modify existing records.

You can set a default value by entering the desired value in the Default Value box in the Field Properties. If you create a default value for a Text field, the default text must be enclosed in quotation marks (” “); for example, “Net 30”. Values for Date fields must be enclosed in number signs (#); for example, #1/15/95#. If you do not enter the number signs, however, Access will automatically enter them.

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