Using AutoCreate in Outlook

You can use AutoCreate to quickly create new items from existing ones. With AutoCreate, you can drag and drop Outlook items from the view area to another folder on the Navigation Pane or Folder List.

Say you’ve received an email from a colleague with details on an upcoming dinner meeting. It’s not set up as an appointment or meeting on my calendar but I’d like to put it there with all the details about the event. I can easily drag and drop the email right into Calendar, then add the details about the date and time.


  1. Open the Mail folder containing the mail message from which you want to create a new item.
  2. Drag the item from the view area to the Calendar pane.
  3. Window opens with full email visible in the details section, today’s date and time pre-populated – you can edit the top details, then save to your calendar.

The item is now set on the calendar with the mail message details.

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